Dr Andreas Shakallis

Consultant Obstetrician – Gynecologist

Dr Shakallis is a hugely experienced obstetrician-gynecologist. Following his medical studies in the former USSR, he went through extensive training in various hospitals in Russia where he gained experience in various obstetric and gynecologic emergencies and in the management of rare conditions.

Dr Shakallis has enormous experience in managing the full range obstetric and gynecological condition. A competent surgeon, he is an expert in managing normal and abnormal pregnancies ensuring his patients do not undergo unnecessary procedures eg Caesarian sections, if not needed.

In Nicosia Polyclinic, Dr Shakallis collaborates closely with his colleague Dr Karaolis ensuring better outcomes for their patients. Dr Shakallis is a member of the Cyprus Medical Association and the Cyprus Gynecological Society.

Dr Andreas Shakallis, MD