Dr Petros Pariza

Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Microsurgeon

Petros Pariza is a consultant in plastic-reconstructive surgery and microsurgery. Following his graduation from Athens University Medical School, he migrated to Sweden where he undertook his specialty training. He was awarded the title of General Surgeon from the Karlstad Hospital and subsequently the title of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon from the famous University Hospital of USÖ Örebro which is one of the biggest oncoplastic surgery centres in Sweden.

Dr Pariza has advanced training in microsurgery and reconstructive surgery for malignant conditions and congenital anomalies in the face, neck, breast and the rest of the body. He has worked in numerous centres and hospitals in Sweden on pioneering techniques alongside other famous plastic surgeons such as Dr Dhafir Hanoon.

Dr Pariza continues to maintain his plastic surgery clinic in Sweden (Clinic Perfekta/Reformedica) and regularly attends international conferences where he presents his techniques. He believes that attention to detail is of paramount importance throughout the journey of the patient and this contributes to his high patient satisfaction levels.

You can learn more about Dr Pariza at his website.

Dr. Petros Pariza