Nicosia Polyclinic has recently purchased the latest and most technologically advanced Mammography machine allowing the accurate detection of breast lesions. A mammography is an X-ray of your breasts used to help detect breast cancer.  It produces several X-ray images of your breast tissue that can help to detect even small tumors, even if you or your doctor cannot feel them.

At Nicosia Polyclinic we use digital mammograms as this latest technique helps to give the most accurate mammograms possible. Digital mammography involves passing low energy X-rays through your breast, collecting the images and then displaying them on a computer screen.


  • Screening mammograms: these are done at regular intervals to check your breast tissue for any changes since your last breast screening appointment.
  • Symptomatic (diagnostic) mammograms: you may also need mammography to assess a new or specific breast change detected by you or your doctor. During this type of mammogram, the radiographer doing the examination can take extra views to look at the area of concern more closely. This may include Tomosynthesis (3D) views of the breast, where several very low dose images are taken which are reconstructed to allow the radiologist to view slices of the breast.