Privacy Policy

Nicosia Polyclinic Private Hospital (“The Clinic”) is committed to protecting the privacy and handling of personal information both for its patients as well as its staff with openness and transparency.

The Clinic is committed in collecting and processing personal information in line with the EU GDPR legislation (2016/679) as well as the existing legislation in Cyprus regarding the handling of personal information.

For this reason, we have developed a Confidentiality Policy which involves the collection, use, disclosure, transfer and storing of personal information. Below, there is more information on the relevant practices that the Clinic follows.

The role of the Clinic in regards to the Legislation:

According to the Legislation, the Clinic is responsible for handling and storing the personal information.

How does collection of personal information takes place

  • Directly from our patients, collaborators and partners.
  • From parents/guardians or lasting power of attorneys
  • From the medical files where medical results, diagnostic reports and drug charts are found
  • Through third parties involved for the care of our patients

Type of personal information collected

Personal information includes any information that is related to an identified or identifiable person. Identifiable information includes name, ID number, internet username, as well as other parameters related to the physical, physiological, genetic and socioeconomic status of an individual.

The Clinic collects and utilises various types of information for our patients, including information that can reveal the personal identity of the individual such as the name and/or surname, ID/passport number, email address, residence address, telephone number as well as information related to the health of the individual including diagnostic or laboratory reports, drug charts, medical history, names of doctors and relatives, information from previous admissions etc.

Reasons why personal data is needed

  • Medical file/record: includes diagnostic or laboratory reports, drug charts, medical history, names of doctors and relatives, information from previous admissions. Can be used to contact the patient when needed
  • Promotion of new services: with the consent of the patient, the Clinic communicates with the patients in order to inform them of new services, procedures, events that might be of interest
  • For receiving any dues

Sharing your personal information

If this were to happen, it would be on occasions where all regular measures of handling the information are strictly followed. Your personal information may be shared in these circumstances:

  • To doctors and other healthcare professionals if this is necessary to provide a high level of care. They shall not be allowed to share or use that information for any other reason. The Clinic ensures that all of its staff comply with our rules and legislation in regards to personal information.
  • To medical laboratories and other healthcare providers that undertake specific work on our behalf
  • To other medical units or hospitals or individual doctors if this is necessary if the patient is transferred to another unit etc.
  • Insurance companies that may be necessary to claim treatment fees after we have obtained your consent
  • To comply of the laws of the State

How do we store your personal information

The information is stored in electronic form as well as hard copy and is secure and safe

Duration of storing

The period varies and is the one necessary to comply with the law and depends on the nature of the information and the individual case.

Legal obligations for collecting, storing and sharing of personal information

  • We need your consent for sharing your personal information for the purposes of informing other medial units, insurance organisations, advertising and promotion of our services
  • We are obliged to use and share your personal information when it is strictly required by the law of the State
  • To serve the best interests of our patients when they are not mentally/consciously not able to provide their consent

How do we protect your personal information

We undertake the necessary organisational and technical measures to ensure safe storage of your personal information and prevent their theft, illegal use, manipulation and sharing to unauthorised parties. Our personnel is trained to handle your personal information securely and discretely.

Patients’ rights

Patients have the right to access their personal information/records and are entitled to request a copy of these that are stored in the Clinic

Patients have the right to oppose the handling of personal information anytime and for specific reasons unless there are legal obligations for the handling and sharing that are beyond the patients’ rights, interests or liberties

If you have any questions about the nature of the personal information we are storing for you, you can contact us on